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Mobile Informer Applications for IBM Maximo

Mobile Applications Built for IBM Maximo

Leverage the Full Capabilities of Maximo Mobility

Mobility promises many things: improved efficiency, enhanced ROI, or the freedom to capture meaningful data in the field and on the fly. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to reap these benefits because the mobile solution they have chosen limits them to a small fraction of the capabilities of the Maximo system they have built their business processes around. This means that years of enhancements and customizations can be left behind on the road to mobility, and the opportunities to move forward can be lost.

The best mobile solution is one that fits your business and delivers useful solutions where you need them. Mobile Informer’s user of native Maximo Business Objects (MBOs) to manage and manipulate data - in the same fashion as the core Maximo system - ensures that any and all Maximo data is available to Mobile Informer, including any customizations, add-ons, or industry solutions that have been configured. By making MBOs available to mobile applications, Mobile Informer can easily deliver the full capabilities of Maximo, including features such as linear asset management, offline GIS, HSE, and more.

Mobile Informer makes it possible to realize the full potential of Maximo and deliver it to a mobile device.

Get Exactly What You Need Out of Mobile Informer

Implementing Maximo mobility does not have to be hard. That’s why Interloc offers our framework mobile applications for Maximo that deliver job-specific standard functionality, with individual tailoring capability.

Extend the capabilities of Maximo with Custom Informer Solutions

At Interloc Solutions we understand that every business is different and no two Maximo implementations are completely identical,  which is why Mobile Informer offers customized Maximo mobile solutions with your unique industry and business at the forefront. Whether modifying one of our Framework applications or starting from scratch, with Mobile Informer custom-built solutions, mobilize any Maximo configuration, Maximo industry solution, Maximo add-on, or any of your business’ Maximo modification or customizations. 


Improve productivity, empower your workers, access your asset data and manage Work Orders in real-time, online or offline with a custom solution built to maximize efficacy in your operations from the premier Maximo mobility solutions provider.

Custom Solutions

What Companies Are Saying...

Much like a delivery driver can record detailed transactional data via a mobile device, NYCHA maintenance and skilled trades staff are now able to do the same. iWM allows for faster updates to system data, and transforming from a paper-based system to an electronic system has improved data accuracy and data availability.

Robert Marano
Executive Vice-President and Chief Information Officer
New York City Housing Authority

We have never had such complete acceptance of any new product!

Dale Mann
Group Lead Maintenance Management Systems
Georgia Transmission Corporation

After a stringent selection process, Sempra Utilities chose Interloc’s Mobile Informer for two main reasons -- Mobile Informer is a native to Maximo application requiring no middleware that allows us to be more agile and productive and the Interloc team showed the strongest expertise and knowledge in Android and iOS development."

Lev Berkovich
Project Manager
Southern California Gas, Sempra Utilities

Interloc’s expert staff ensured that the [mobile] applications were delivered on time and on budget. Interloc made the project a success.

R.T. Carter, PMP
Sr. Program Manager | Transportation and Border Security Solutions

The Power is in the Platform

The Mobile Informer platform runs entirely within Maximo, and is managed via the standard Maximo administrative interface. With extensive user management capabilities, and basic device monitoring and management, Mobile Informer puts you in control of your mobile Maximo implementation, and, can deliver 100% user adoption and fast ROI.

Other benefits of the Mobile Informer platform include:


Rapid Development and Deployment, with Minimal Required Training

Installation of the Mobile Informer platform typically takes less than two hours, while requiring no separate server software or hardware infrastructure. This means that your workforce could be out in the field experiencing productivity gains with a Mobile Informer application with 100% user acceptance in days, rather than weeks or months.

The guiding principle for Mobile Informer applications is to keep everything simple and intuitive for the users as opposed to requiring extensive training.

Because they are native apps, Mobile Informer apps use the familiar swipes and gestures that users are accustomed to using on their mobile device. Whether they are purpose-built or turn-key, Mobile Informer applications look and feel like the other applications on the user’s device, while delivering all of the power of a robust enterprise application, which results in maximum user adoption with minimal training.

Full Access to Device Capabilities, Regardless of Platform

The Mobile Informer platform currently supports:

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS 5 and later

  • Android devices of all form factors running
  • Android 4 and later

And, because Mobile Informer applications are native applications, no matter the platform, barcode scanners, camera, and mobile maps are just some of the features your Mobile Informer application can leverage. Easily attach video or images to an application, or even consider the ability to integrate FaceTime or fingerprint detection. 

Native apps are comfortable and familiar for your users. Additionally, Mobile Informer native apps have virtually no data latency while online, deliver very fast user interface interactions while offline or online, and allow for large data sets – giving your users fast, reliable performance.

Native to Maximo for Maximum Flexibility

Native to Maximo, the Mobile Informer platform is installed as a Maximo application, so all administration, including user and device management is performed within the standard administrative console. With no separate infrastructure requirements, Mobile Informer’s server components have a very small footprint within your technical environment. Even better, because Mobile Informer leverages your existing Maximo infrastructure - including customizations and industry add-ons - Mobile Informer can mobilize any process for any industry.

Offline-First Functionality

Mobile Informer deploys a unique “offline-first” approach, and opportunistically synchronizes data in the background with no user intervention, providing seamless transitions, and ensuring users are prepared at any moment with the latest and most complete data always available to them. All data used by Mobile Informer applications is synchronized to devices in a background process transparent to the user, allowing users to focus on completing their work rather than worrying about whether they are online or offline at any given point.

Bringing Maximo Users Better Mobile Solutions

From security to functionality, Mobile Informer’s features are designed to optimize your operations:

Seamlessly Sync your Data

The Mobile Informer application avoids the traditional data synchronization model and instead uses a push-based architecture for delivering data updates to devices combined with a command-based transaction-driven model for applying changes to Maximo.

While the device is in a connected state, when it receives a push notification indicating that there are updates available, the device will connect to the server and download the update.  If it is not connected, updates will be retrieved upon reconnection. This provides the following benefits:

Seamlessly Sync your Data
  • A change of data within Maximo directly results in data changes being pushed real-time to connected devices.

  • Devices do not need to continuously poll the server to check for updates.  This reduces power usage on the devices and removes unnecessary server load.

  • No manual user sync is required.  This provides a continual flow of data from the device to Maximo and back, ensuring that your data is always accurate.
Seamlessly Sync your Data

Meet the Highest Security Requirements with your Mobile Informer Application.

Built in security 

No one wants their data compromised, and, in some organizations, it is imperative that security is built in to any solution. Interloc built the Mobile Informer platform with security at the forefront. Consider these factors:

No additional server software.

No additional server software.

Additional servers mean additional points of failure. They also mean additional vulnerabilities and exposure to cyber attacks. Mobile Informer interacts directly with Maximo through the MIF (Maximo Integration Framework) web services that are secured over TLS (Transport Layer Security).

No additional server software.
No data replication

No data replication.

Causing data to bounce between additional servers introduces a security risk. Consider at which points the data is encrypted. For instance, while data might be encrypted from the mobile device to the mobile server, is it equally encrypted from the mobile server to Maximo?

Mobile Informer sends data directly from the device to the Maximo MIF, thus keeping vulnerabilities at bay.


No data replication

Multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication is defined as a “security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction.” Common practices are using your username/password plus an additional method such as an RSA key or a Personal Identification Verification (PIV) card, all of which Mobile Informer is prepared for.


Mobile Informer Architecture

Your IT department does not need any more middleware servers or software to maintain. That’s why Mobile Informer sits inside of Maximo as a Maximo application.


Mobile Informer simply extends Maximo’s own functionality and operates within its framework. It is built entirely within Maximo itself, using standard IBM Maximo development practices, and communicating with Maximo business objects. Maximo then manages all data transactions and system integrity as normal. No communication occurs directly with the database.

Mobile Informer uses a push-based architecture to communicate with devices. All differences are managed within the application server, which allows large numbers of records to be synchronized very quickly.

Mobile Informer’s architecture supports HTTP and HTTPS communication leveraging MIF web services and full, seamless off-line functionality. Informer supports the standard IBM clustering and failover configuration.

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