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Maximo assessments that provide maximum return.

Interloc is passionate that your Maximo implementation is best suited for your business. 

Our Maximo assessments look at your implementation as a whole – taking into account your as-is processes and industry best practices to determine the desired to-be processes. Interloc engages Maximo certified consultants who have experience in your industry so you get  the greatest return from your Maximo assessment.

Maximo Business Assessments

Interloc has performed hundreds of Maximo engagements.  Typically, we start our engagements by assessing your current processes to determine what the current process is, what the desired outcome is, and where the gaps are.  We are committed to staying current not only with Maximo and compatible products and technologies, but also with global technology as a whole.  Maximo business assessments can be performed for any reason, including new implementations, upgrades, reimplementation, integrations, reports, calibration, linear, etc.

Interloc provides the following services for our clients:

  • Process design – assisting in the definition of new processes, often in relation to a new implementation, or expansion into a new usage area of Maximo.
  • Process redesign – assisting in the evaluation and redesign of ineffective or inefficient practices, incorporating best practices knowledge or the inclusion of new system functionality.
  • Documentation of existing processes – gathering process information from the client and providing thorough documentation of processes which were previously undocumented.
  • Adapting processes to Maximo – where possible, modifying existing business processes to better fit the Maximo application.  The goal is to maintain as close to an out-of-the-box system as possible, reducing future upgrade issues.
  • Adapting Maximo to processes (Gap Analysis and Options Analysis) – matching desired business process to functionality in Maximo, defining options available to effectively implement the processes.  Options generally include configurations, customizations, and workarounds.
  • Application of best practices to processes – applying industry-specific best practices knowledge to current processes, and recommending areas of process improvement that could or should be applied in Maximo to more closely align the organization with evolving standards, regulations, and practices.

Maximo Technical Assessments

Interloc’s technical assessment capabilities are virtually unmatched within the Maximo community and are current, up to and including the latest versions of Maximo. Our technical team has built a wide variety of tools to expedite processes and bring efficiency to the project.

Maximo, as delivered, contains well over 100 separate applications. Within each application you can often find a dozen or more tabs and sub tabs covering an immense quantity of functionality. During technical assessments, Interloc works with our clients to nail down the scope of the project, including:

  • What will and will not be included as part of the project
  • Project RACI chart showing Interloc and client responsibilities
  • Define Maximo applications to be implemented
  • Identify the client’s Maximo Functional areas – Business Units that will use Maximo in any way in the future “to-be” state
  • Define business processes to be managed or facilitated within Maximo
  • Define business processes that will likely be managed/facilitated using Maximo Workflow tools
  • Identify external systems for integration
  • Identify any other required add-ons (this could be a planning/scheduling tool, or industry vertical specific add-ons, such as Oil and Gas, Linear, Transportation, or others)

This step is critical to the project’s success. This is the entire project team’s opportunity to insure that the mission and goals are clear, the scope and deliverables defined, and the team roles and responsibilities are documented and understood.

Maximo Mobile Assessments

If you are considering a mobile solution, Interloc can assist by performing an assessment for mobility use including your business requirements as well as your IT organization's technical requirements, such as security.  

A thorough technical assessment is important to your mobile success as mobile access security will depend on the solution selected. For example, assuming that the solution communicates to Maximo via web service calls, SSL should be implemented at a minimum. Interloc will help our clients determine the most secure measures based on their currently established IT policies and procedures.

Interloc has developed the award-winning, industry recognized Mobile Informer solution.  Interloc Mobile Informer applications mirror field workers' exact processes on the smart devices they want with performance they need — providing your business with 100% field user acceptance. Mobile Informer can bring GPS/GIS, RFID, barcode, ACM, linear, calibration, transportation or any Maximo process to your smart device.


Maximo License Assessments

There’s a lot more to your Maximo licenses than just paying an annual customer support plan fee.

If you don’t know how many licenses you have, what types of licenses they are, or what quantities of what types of Maximo licenses you need, you risk being non-compliant with your IPLA (IBM Program License Agreement). You also risk paying renewal fees for licenses you aren’t using, or that may be inappropriate to the needs of your organization.  Additionally, if you’re not familiar with new or current versions of Maximo products that have been released since your initial Maximo implementation, you may be missing out on areas of functionality that could be very useful.

At a glance, there are four tiers of Maximo Asset Management license options.  They are:

  • Authorized User Licenses provide full access to all modules and applications in core Maximo and/or the Industry Solutions: Oil and Gas, Utilities, Transportation, Nuclear, Government, and Life Sciences.
  • Limited Use licenses for core Maximo and the Industry Solutions: Oil and Gas, Utilities, Transportation, Nuclear, Government, and Life Sciences
    • All limited use licenses will entitle the user to select any three modules. You are no longer limited in which modules you get to choose from, however, the restriction to three remains the same. If you need to access more than three, trade-up to an Authorized User License is available.
  • Express User licenses allow for viewing reports, read-only access, status changes, and updates to assigned work orders.
  • Unlimited access for users of legacy Self-Service Requestors and Desktop Requistioners are now included in Maximo 7.x Authorized User Licenses at no additional cost.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, authorized to resell Maximo licenses and provide Maximo levels I and II support, Interloc can assist you in reviewing your organization’s Maximo licenses and ensuring you are fully informed of your license-related options.

Download Our Licensing Whitepaper

Adding Users / Merging Organizations

If you are expanding Maximo to new business units within your organization, or if you are merging with another organization and looking to include both within a standardized Maximo implementation, Interloc can help.

Adding New Business Units to Maximo

If you are adding new business units to your existing Maximo implementation, you may require process development, application configuration or customization, reports development, or training.  You may also need to purchase additional Maximo licensing to account for the new users. 

Merging Organizations and Standardizing Maximo

In an organizational merger where at least one of the original companies had been using Maximo, there are several things to take into account to roll Maximo out to the resulting organization:

  • How are the existing business processes to be joined together, what is the timeline, and what are the business's priorities?
  • How many different implementations of Maximo are in place, and what versions are they? 
  • What are the different combinations of Maximo products in use?
  • Is the existing Maximo implementation relevant to all of the intended Maximo users?
  • Should you standardize, or maintain independent Maximo implementations for different parts of the organization?
  • What is the desired role of Maximo within the new organization?

Interloc has considerable experience in industries with fluid organizational structures.  We have:

  • Helped clients standardize their processes and use of Maximo across a number of client organizations.
  • Ensured that independent Maximo implementations within the same organization are still able to work together where needed.

Interloc For Your Clients

Interloc has worked with many software manufacturers and software organizations that approached us on behalf of their clients with specific Maximo needs, providing such services as:

  • Maximo configuration and customization
  • Interface development
  • Maximo support
  • Maximo license sales
  • Maximo upgrade assessments and services
  • Maximo workflow development
  • Implementation of mobile solutions
"When others said it could not be done, Interloc got it done."
John Chen Supervisor, Operation Services, Enbridge, Inc.

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