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Interloc provides a wide range of Maximo training services. 

Typically, for client projects, we are requested to provide Systems Administrator training and End User training.  We generally provide training in a workshop setting, recommending that class sizes be limited to around 4 for Systems Administrators, and to 10 for End Users, to ensure that each trainee receives individual attention as required.

For End User training, our proposed model is usually a train-the-trainer model, whereby Interloc provides training to one or two groups of intended client super-users, who will then provide training to the remaining end users.  This model offers several benefits to the client:  first, it reduces the cost associated with having a consultant train several user groups.  Second, it creates internal system experts, able to provide ad-hoc training to existing users, as well as training for new users moving forward.  And finally, we find that as client involvement increases in the project implementation phase, so too does adoption of the product.

Though this is typically our recommended End User training model, Interloc is willing and able to provide training to any number of users in any number of sessions as per our client’s requests.

In addition to Systems Administrator and End User training, Interloc provides training to a wide variety of users for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Management product overview training, to increase understanding of how the application fits into the business
  • Developer training in a number of areas of the product such as reports, java customizations, and configurations, to further enable the client to work independently after Interloc’s initial involvement
  • Support training, to further enable Systems Administrators and Help Desk technicians to respond internally to user requests for assistance

Interloc can also provide training on existing systems we did not implement; we have been requested by a number of clients to analyze existing undocumented customizations, develop accompanying documentation, and provide training and support to the clients’ end users on the product in question.

Whatever your Maximo training needs, Interloc can help.  Contact us today to find out more.

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