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The Next Generation Mobile Informer for Maximo is the only mobile platform built directly within Maximo.

Interloc Mobile Informer

Interloc Mobile Informer Demo

Mobile Informer can access any of the information you have in your Maximo, in any chosen configuration on your selected mobile device. Whether it’s the Apple iPhone or iPad, or Google Android; Mobile Informer manages the heavy-lifting and complexity of mobilizing Maximo, providing for client specific user interfaces specifically to support each unique business process, while taking advantage of the wide range of native features available in each mobile environment. Mobile Informer provides for lightweight, extensible client-defined applications that map to your specific industry solution and work process.

Mobile Informer has won multiple awards, including Best in Show at IBM Pulse (2012), two Finalist placements for IBM Beacon Awards (2013 and 2015) and Mobile Enterprise’s Mobilizer Award for Field Service (2013).

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Approach to Maximo Mobility

The best mobile applications are simple and match your work processes – whether it’s completing a work order, managing inventory, or doing preventative maintenance.  Why should your "in the field" workforce need to learn Maximo to do their job? They don't.

Interloc's philosophy and approach is extremely simple and repeatable enabling rapid implementation. Interloc takes a phased approach to Maximo mobility:

  • Mobile Informer applications all start with already developed core components of Maximo applications.
  • From there, Interloc will spend a short amount of time (~1 week) with the your field workforce teams to determine their specific work processes and will develop a nonfunctional user interface to gain buy in up front prior to any development.
  • After buy-in is obtained, development of the functional application begins. This typically takes three to four weeks and follows typical software development lifecycle processes of develop, test, and deploy.

The timeframe from start to deployment could be as little as 6 weeks for a simple application to up to 12 weeks for a complex application. 

With Mobile Informer, you can experience maximum user acceptance with minimal training. 


The Mobile Informer server runs inside Maximo and has the following parts:

  • A Maximo application that provides all configuration, management and support functions for the Informer platform.
  • A Maximo service that manages all processing required for the platform.
  • A Maximo web service that is deployed within the Maximo Integration Framework (MIF).

The unique architecture of Mobile Informer allows access to any information you have in your Maximo, in any chosen configuration on your selected mobile device.  Features of Mobile Informer include:

Manage configuration and settings for mobile devices from a central web based client

All configuration and management of mobile devices and applications is done via the Mobile Informer server application within Maximo.  This is a native application installed as part of the Mobile Informer platform installation, and is available via the Maximo Administration menu.

Mobile technology follows the Maximo Business Rules (MBOs)

All data is read from and applied to Maximo MBOs; no other access mechanism is used.  This means that all Maximo validations and business rules are in effect.

Data security matches Maximo security settings

All transactions from mobile devices are executed against the MBOs within Maximo under the user context of the user who performed the actions on the mobile device.  This means that all Maximo security permissions and restrictions are in effect.

Multiple users can share the same device

The Mobile Informer has specific support for users sharing devices.  The local data stored on the device is separated into user specific data (typically transactional data, such as work orders) and shared data (typically supporting or lookup data, such as domains, locations list/hierarchy and assets). 

Efficient data synchronization

The Mobile Informer application breaks the traditional data synchronization model and instead uses a push-based architecture for delivering data updates to devices combined with a command/transaction model for applying changes to Maximo.

Push notifications are sent using the standard push services from Apple (APNS) and Google (GCM).

If the device is in a connected state, it receives the push notification, connects and downloads the update.  If it is not connected, updates will be retrieved upon reconnection.  This provides the following benefits:

  • It enables a near real-time update of data to connected devices.  A change of data within Maximo directly results in data changes being pushed.
  • Devices are not connecting periodically to check for updates.  This reduces power usage on the devices and removes unnecessary server load.

Interactive and detailed error handling

The Informer platform provides clear and detailed support for error handling.  The combination of direct device-to-Maximo communication and the command/transaction model for updates avoids having a chain of communication for errors and provides clear visibility on the error.

No additional hardware requirements

The server portion of the Informer platform is installed as a native application within Maximo and requires no additional mobile-specific hardware.

Device support

The Informer platform currently supports:

  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS 5 and later
  • Android devices of all form factors running Android 4 and later

Other features

  • Built in limited MDM capabilities
  • Seamless connected or disconnected operation
  • Transacts directly with Maximo via the Maximo MIF (Maximo Integration Framework)
  • Covers all of Maximo, including industry solutions, add-ons, custom code functionality
  • Automatically enforces all Maximo business rules
  • Transactions pushed from Maximo, not pulled from the device, maximizing battery life


Mobile Informer for Maximo is true mobility that works, providing the following clear benefits that make business sense:

Rapid development and deployment

Interloc has developed and deployed applications in as little as 4 weeks.  This means that your workforce could be out in the field experiencing productivity gains with a Mobile Informer application in less time then it would take to reconfigure a true COTS solution.

Full access to Smart Device capabilities

Barcode scanners, camera, mobile maps are just some of the features your Mobile Informer application can leverage.   Consider also the ability to integrate FaceTime with an application.  Videos and images can also be easily attached to the application.  

Leverages existing Maximo infrastructure

Mobile Informer platform is installed as a Maximo application.  There is a very small ‘footprint’ and there is no requirement for a separate server that has to be managed. And because Mobile Informer leverages your existing Maximo infrastructure, Mobile Informer can mobilize any process for any industry, from oil rigs to transmission lines to nuclear to pipelines to chemical hazmat to healthcare to ammunition storage to ecological studies to aerospace to transportation…this list is endless. 

Minimal training, maximum user adoption

The guiding principle for Mobile Informer applications is to keep everything simple and intuitive for the users as opposed to them requiring extensive training. Building applications that have the look and feel of a consumer-based application, but with all the rigor of an enterprise application, provides for maximum user adoption with minimal training.

Total cost of ownership

With no separate server to maintain, no expensive devices to buy, ease of administration from within Maximo, and user based licensing with no module based add-ons plus unlimited application creation capability — Mobile Informer is a cost-savvy business decision. 

GPS/Disconnected GIS


Mobile Informer  provides the ability to indicate locations of work and/or assets via GPS coordinates. As long as GPS coordinates are stored or are being collected for storage within Maximo, Mobile Informer can provide map visibility of those locations to the field workforce.

Disconnected GIS

The combination of the activeG's InformME and Interloc's award-winning Mobile Informer platform provides a connected or disconnected solution that brings together all of your Geographic Information System (GIS) and IBM Maximo data together in one mobile asset management tool.

Winner of the IBM Tivoli 2013 Best of Show award, InformME solution brings you the best attributes of activeG MapEngine in a rich, dynamic mobile platform. InformME resides within Mobile Informer, which brings seamless GIS to Maximo integration to Interloc's mobile applications.

InformME brings you many of the great MapEngine features, including:

  • Work Order and Asset Identification
  • Leverage existing Map Services, including ESRI map services
  • Multiple viewing options
  • Data integration — in connected and disconnected states


Mobile Informer applications on a smart device communicate directly with Maximo via the web service using standard SOAP/XML over HTTP/S.

Having the Mobile Informer server run directly inside Maximo provides opportunities that are not otherwise available, including the ability to use a true push-based architecture. The Mobile Informer platform uses the standard push services provided by Apple (APNS) and Google (GCM) to send push notifications to devices. The Mobile Informer server fully supports clustered environments for spreading update processing through the cluster.  Alternatively, processing can be isolated to specific node(s) within the cluster.

Administrators and IT love the fact that Mobile Informer is installed as applications within Maximo.  They no longer need to maintain a separate middleware server.  Communication initiates directly from Maximo and flows directly to smart devices – managed seamlessly.


Mobile informer leverages Maximo security and provides for:

  • Secure operation with Maximo
  • Exactly the same security requirements as a user running Maximo in a browser
  • Maximo credentials needed to login to Mobile Informer
  • Changes in credentials to be pushed to the device and immediately enacted
  • Enforcement of all Maximo business rules and validations upon synchronization and/or within client
  • The ability for users to share devices – data is managed as user-specific or shared


Interloc Mobile Informer is the proud recipient of both IBM and Industry Awards:

  • Winner IBM Business Partner Award for Best in Show (2012)
  • Winner Mobile Enterprises Mobilizer Award Field Service (2013)
  • Winner IBM Business Partner Award for ISM Solutions Excellence (2013)
  • Finalist IBM Beacon Award for Best Solution to Optimize the World’s Infrastructure (2013)

Interloc Mobile Informer has been validated for Ready for Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure by IBM.


Seven Secrets to Maximo Mobility Success Webcast

Listen to this on-demand webcast to see how Catherine Lai, GASOC, and Dale Mann, GTC, implemented a Mobile Informer solution that achieved 100% user acceptance.


"Interloc provided ATK’s Work Management solution on the iPad that our maintenance workers were using within minutes.”
Ed Larson Facilities/Maintenance Supervisor, ATK Aerospace
"After a stringent selection process, Sempra Utilities chose Interloc’s Mobile Informer for two main reasons -- Mobile Informer is a native to Maximo application requiring no middleware that allows us to be more agile and productive and the Interloc team showed the strongest expertise and knowledge in Android and iOS development."
Lev Berkovich Project Manager, Southern California Gas, Sempra Utilities
"We have never had such complete acceptance of any new product!"
Dale Mann Group Lead Maintenance Management Systems, Georgia Transmission Corporation