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Going Mobile with Maximo is not just for your field workforce.

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Ever get that call from the office saying they need you to approve something in Maximo right now? Ever think why that just couldn’t be done from your mobile phone? Now it can.

Interloc Mailer securely extends Maximo workflows to your corporate email on your mobile device. For the first time, from wherever you may be, you have all the business details you need to make a decision and the ability to take action in Maximo with a single click right from inside your email.

Interloc Mailer for Maximo securely notifies you via your corporate email of the decisions you need to make with all supporting decision-related information. Simply set up a few business rules and Interloc Mailer for Maximo will notify you of the action you need to take and give you the ability to get the work done—without logging into Maximo to do it.


Simple to implement and configure, Interloc Mailer makes Maximo accessible from your inbox. 

 - Native App in Maximo—No Additional Infrastructure Required

Interloc Mailer is installed in the Maximo Administration module, appearing as simply another Maximo application. This means that supporting and administering Interloc Mailer is similarly convenient to Maximo—no additional server or infrastructure is needed to implement Interloc Mailer for Maximo.

 - Familiar Look and Feel

Interloc Mailer for Maximo is a drop-in replacement for standard Maximo communication template, providing flexibility to configure actionable emails for any Maximo workflow process. Mailer emails have the same appearance to Maximo-generated emails.

 - Completely Configurable

Interloc Mailer for Maximo gathers and sends you all the information related to the decision. With Mailer’s enhanced templating functionality, Mailer generated emails can include detailed record information so that users can evaluate records within the body of the email itself.

 - Leverages Maximo Security

Because Interloc Mailer sits inside of Maximo, all Maximo security permissions and restrictions are in effect.   If the recipient of the email does not have access to the area of Maximo denoted in the email, they cannot complete the action.

 - Any Workflow, Any Process

Interloc Mailer’s powerful templating engine can be applied to any module of Maximo where users need to be notified and act upon a workflow. Whether purchase order approvals, service requests etc., the templating engine can be used wherever and whenever Maximo sends communications to executives like you.



Now you can keep Maximo workflows moving while untethered from your desktop. With Interloc Mailer for Maximo, you can:

- Take Action in Maximo Without Logging in

Are you offsite at a worksite and unable to tie into Maximo? No problem. With Interloc Mailer, you don’t need to spend your day at your desk to keep the work flowing. Interloc Mailer directs your workflows right into your inbox, so that wherever you or your team of executives are, you can keep business moving.

- Initiate Complex, Multistep Actions in a Single Email

With Interloc Mailer, you can review detailed record information and act upon it directly from within your email. Some of your workflows within Maximo may depend on your colleagues or have subsequent actions that need to be taken. Interloc Mailer gathers the workflow related data and the appropriate approvals, and forwards these to your inbox.

- Securely

Interloc Mailer for Maximo has appropriate segregation of duties and always uses a unique identifier for a specific Maximo action. No one else can act on that workflow if the email is inadvertently forwarded to another person.

- Conveniently

Interloc Mailer is simple and easy to use. Since all pertinent information and workflows are mapped out, Mailer has a zero learning curve and is ready for you to make your next business decision.


As a native application to Maximo, Interloc Mailer has Maximo’s built-in security features, and it maintains Maximo’s security parameter restrictions. Individuals who do not have permission to access Maximo will not be able to perform the action in Interloc Mailer for Maximo email. Moreover, Interloc Mailer tracks each action with a unique identifier. The identifier and, therefore the action, can only be used once. Each email is individually tracked to a specific Maximo user or defined user group. Once a user performs an action from an email, that action may not be used again.

With these security features, Interloc Mailer for Maximo segregates duties and applies governance principles to processes, personnel and workflows.


Interloc Mailer is the proud recipient of an IBM Award:

  • Winner IBM Business Partner Award for ISM Solutions Excellence (2013)


Interloc Mobile Informer has been validated for Ready for Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure by IBM.


"The Interloc Mailer and the Interloc Mobile Informer product combined provide GTC/OPC businesses flexible mobile solutions that streamline our Maximo Industry Solution Work Management, Inventory processes, and approval processes, delivering real-time responses from any work location."
Catherine Lai Business Application Consultant, Georgia System Operations Center (GSOC)

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