What Maximo Licenses Do You Need?

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Complete the form on the right to get the new Interloc paper on Maximo Licenses, "What Maximo Licenses Do You Need?" written by Interloc's Business Development Manager, Kim Waterman.  

In this paper, Kim will share how you determine:

  1. What Maximo software do you need?

  2. What license level do you need within each Maximo product?

  3. How many people will be using Maximo?

  4. How many of those people need more than one Maximo product?

  5. Are you using any external products with Maximo that need to be taken into account?

  6. Does the combination of licenses account for applicable ratios?

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Kim Waterman has been working with Maximo for almost a decade.  She is currently Interloc's Manager, Business Development and works with our clients on a daily basis. As part of her job, she helps our clients determine the right number of Maximo licenses they need to meet their business requirements.

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